Thursday, November 24, 2011

New York Summer - Hot Purple and Wet N Wild - Believe Me, It's Real

Is today the greatest day ever or what? I just found a photo app of my dreams. Here's a shot taken and processed with Photo Toaster:

I generally have difficulty capturing complex, glitter polishes like this one. You can actually see the purple, accent glitter in there (or at least I can... I kind of have Spidey senses when it comes to photos). I was also able to adjust the white balance while fiddling with the tint/contrast and so much more... it's really worth a look and it's only a buck! I also like Diptic but it needs to be used in conjunction with a more powerful app like Photo Toaster:

As for the polish, I wanted to give this manicure more depth which is why I used Hot Purple as a base; it's a wonderful purple, jelly on its own. But I topped it with one coat of Believe Me, It's Real and it looks amazing and has a pseudo-duochrome thing going on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Orly Nite Owl

This dry weather is not doing my skin any favors. Here's Orly Nite Owl. It's a great nude for my skin tone although it looks more brown in the bottle. It gives the same effect as nude pumps - it makes my fingers look long.