Sunday, September 11, 2011

Locking Down your Stash

If you are sharing your home with kids, siblings, roommates or very dexterous pets, you might want to consider finding a way to secure your stash. It seems a common enough occurrence (on MUA anyway) that expensive items disappear, or one child takes it upon herself to use your favorite Too Faced palette to create her own smokey-eyed face of the day. Here's how I've modded my Helmer to keep those sticky fingers out:

That's a wooden rod cut to the length from the top handle to the bottom with an eye screw at the top and a combo, luggage lock to secure it in place.

Once upon a time, I used a key lock and then misplaced the key. I had to take the Helmer apart to get it open again so I really recommend the combo lock instead. This one is from Walmart and it was about $3-$4 for two. Now my stuff is safe as long as I remember to lock up after each use.

So I know this blog is new and I have zero readers but if some poor, bored person has found themselves here, what's up? Have you had a roommate or sister steal your makeup? Has your child ever tried to "color pictures" with your eyeliners?


  1. Wowwie! I wonder what treasures you have in there? Maybe we can get a peek? :D

  2. I'll make a post about the contents in the future.