Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The only cure is more cowbell*

Once upon a time, my collection looked like this. It's marked as "what's in my makeup bag" but more or less, that as all my stuff. But as you can probably gather, the sickness = it spreads. Having a sister that works at Sephora does not help at all. I also blame Makeup Alley. With that, here are the contents of my Helmer. These are things I use on a regular basis (not all at once, in  case any of yous feel the need to ask). I actually have a box of "retired" items but I digress...

Drawer 1: face primers, concealers, foundations (liquid and powder), finishing powders, blushes (powder, creme and stains) and highlighters and bronzers.

Drawer 2: eyeshadow primers, brow products (pencil, powders, waxes), eyeliners (pencils, gels and liquids), mascara, various tools, sample-sized perfume, false lashes, my Shu Uemara eyelash curler (Shu pulled out of US retail stores a while back and I am afraid for the day when this needs to be replaced)

Drawer 3: eyeshadow singles and smaller palettes (I have bigger palettes that just don't fit; I keep those at the top of my desk in one of those letter holders) and various tools.

Drawer 4: all the lip stuff! Lipsticks, lipgloss, lip cremes, pencils, medicated balms, tinted balms, etc.

Drawer 5: Mid to high-end nail polish. Those of you with sharper eyes will see Revlon in there and I don't consider Revlon a mid-end polish company but I'm running out of room in the low-end drawer and I had to keep them together! My frankens are also in here.

Drawer 6: Low-end nail polish and polish minis. Retired nail treatments (I keep my frequently used nail treatments in a caddy with my manicure tools).

And for good measure, here is how I store my brushes. It's a Real Simple letter caddy I found at Target. The dividers I made myself out of foam-core board. I also keep my two favorite mascaras, favorite eyeshadow primer, brush cleaner and setting spray in this.

And that's that. I don't consider myself a collector by any means - I just really like makeup and find makeup application very soothing.

* Extra points to those who know what I'm talking about.

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