Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wet N Wild - Night Glow

Halloween is right around the corner so I felt like I had precious little time to bust out this glow-in-the-dark nailpolish. I also have yet to try a herringbone manicure and I imagined this wonderful pattern full of contrast. Instead I got this:

Ugh - look at how dry my skin/cuticles are. This reminds me why I never break out the good camera for these things! In any case, the glow in the dark polish is very sheer. I should have laid down a white base before putting it on but I actually kind of like it this way. What really failed me is the mediocre black pattern (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out along with plate m63). This watery mess is a far cry from the sharp, opaque pattern I had in mind.

And here is the best shot I could take of the glow-in-the-dark action (and the reason why I broke out the good camera in the first place). It's crazy bright ya'll! I can't wait to go trick-or-treating - no one will notice how terrible this mani is in the dark!

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